About this blog


 Thank you for watching my blog !

 I just started this blog only to write down programing technique for my study at university. I major in Algrithmic Game Theory. I interested in a system that allocate items optimally.


 But now I noticed that I truly want to apply my study for supporting creative activities or communication activities. They bring us a new perspecitve and idea. It is so dreamy! So I think I should only make allocation system that people can check someone's work and talk easily but also create a software or app to act people confortable.  


 That's why I make softwares. See below.

  1. A painting tool
  2. A Web app for browsing and publishing pictures

I want many people have fun and many point of view through someone's work.  



 I’mlearnig Java, C++ and OpenGL to accomplish my goal. So this blog will offer you below things.

  1. Basics of Java
  2. Basics of C++
  3. Basics of OpenGL
  4. Basics of Algorithms
  5. Process of making a Web site
  6. Process of making a paint tool 
  7. How to get useful informaiton about developing.


 I'm looking forward to your comment !